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Women For Equality is an organization of passionate and determined individuals ready to defend and protect the human dignity of all. Born out of the prejudice and injustice that plagues our world, Women For Equality joins together our community to educate and advocate with planned rallies & marches. Together, we will RISE UP for the protection of equality, justice, respect, and peace for ALL people, until LOVE wins!

Founder Anita Ross

“What will get us through the long haul is love… women matter, our voices matter, and I believe we haven’t really even begun to tap into our power. It’s our time to bring the soul, to bring the humanity, back into the conversation.”

Congressman Ami Bera

“We’ve got to stand up, we’ve got to speak out, we’ve got to push back based on our values of equality, of opportunity for every American and for every person across this world.”

Dr. Georgia Prescott

“The great theologian Oprah Winfrey once said, ‘Turn your wounds into wisdom’… (Trump administration) spill all the hate take you want… but you will not scare us. You will not put us back into any closets.”

Reverend Kevin Ross

“Real men aren’t busy slamming shut doors and building walls. They are busy opening wide doors and building bridges of equality and opportunity… The soul of America is defined by its values of inclusion, of pluralism, of oneness, and of equality.”

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